An EX IBMer, student of bitcoin since 2011 and pioneer in the blockchain agnostic realm, Jean Michel Azzopardi is a renowned blockchain evangelist and cybersecurity advocate who has made remarkable strides in advancing the adoption of blockchain technology while emphasising the critical importance of cybersecurity. With a profound understanding of decentralized systems and their vulnerabilities, Azzopardi focuses on promoting the transformative power of blockchain across industries, while advocating for robust cybersecurity measures to ensure data integrity and protection.

"I've had the privilege of knowing Jean-Michel in our local tech community for several years. Our interactions, ranging from casual conversations to professional discussions on panels and podcasts. Jean-Michel not only harbors a profound passion for technology, particularly at the cutting edge, but he also shines as an exceptional communicator, public speaker, and motivator."

- Matthew Scerri former Solutions Architect KPMG

"Jean Michel has an in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity world. He is very approachable and professional. He took the time to understand our processes and provided recommendations to strengthen our organization. Jean Michel was of immense value with the assigned tasks and went beyond the brief to ensure that as a firm we would have covered all aspects of the requirements. Jean Michel is very helpful and very responsive to our requests."

Pierre Zammit Chief Operating Officer, WH Partners Legal 500

Jean-Michel is a highly skilled cybersecurity professional with excellent communication skills. During the time that l have known Jean-Michel he demonstrated a practical approach to the implementation of solutions that not only address security and risk concerns but also business challenges. His cross functional knowledge of IT security and the respective tools available for 7 enterprises makes him a valuable asset in this extremely important area in today's marketplace.

Anton Dalli Co-Founder Radix

International Speaker

Consider Jean-Michel

"Jean is a restless visionary. He has outstanding skills at communicating his vision to different audiences, whether its his technical team or potential investors. Working with him, one appreciates his contagious energy, which fosters team cohesion towards achieving common goals". Alex Zammit - Smart Contract/ ZK Expert

"Jean is a resilient entrepreneur, gifted with an ability to perceive opportunities that most cannot see. His leadership, determination and innovative spirit not only define him as a person, but also inspire those around him. Luka Knezic" - Growth Partner Crypto Panic.

"I have had the pleasure to work with Jean-Michel and have witnessed first-hand how he can bring a team together and drive it forward. Jean-Michel is the glue that can bring and keep together the different parts of the puzzle! - Joshua Ellul Director/Professor DLT Centre University of Malta.

Jean Michel is passionate about blockchain and Web3 applications and enthusiastically develops solutions and educates others - Angelo Dalli Shark Tank Malta / Serial Entrepreneur

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A blockchain focused podcast co-founded by Jean Michel and Monty Munford


Security Masterminds

Breaking down Blockchain and the Impact on Cybersecurity and Industries with Guest, Jean-Michel Azzopardi

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